PTO Shaft Replacement of Weasler 35 Series 

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Listing: PTO Shaft Replacement of Weasler ...
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PTO Shaft Replacement of Weasler 35 Series
PTO Shaft Replacement of Weasler 35 Series
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PTO Shaft Replacing for Weasler 35 Series

The 35 Series Yoke & Tube Assembly is an extremely durable PTO shaft yoke built to last. This PTO Yoke has an 1-2/9 inch. square bore that makes it easy to connect.

The length of the shaft is Centerline (Center of Ear hole to rear of the tube) 34-2/3 inches.
Tube Outer Diameter 1-9 in.
Tube Inner Diameter 2-9 inches. square
Weight of PTO's yoke: 12.06 lb.
How Does Tractor PTO Shaft Work?
The PTO shaft is the one that transfers the power of your tractor onto the machine you prefer. This PTO driveline is the place that everything else that requires power from a tractor gets its energy from. PTO drivelines can be ignored during routine maintenance checks because they are so important when operating farm equipment.

PTO Shaft Size Importance
It is essential to have the right dimension, no matter what task you'll use the PTO shaft for. The manufacturer will provide length recommendations to help to get an idea. When measuring the length of a PTO shaft, you can use the tape measure and take measurements from the outside of the yoke to determine the length that is closed. The series size should match to the amount of horsepower that your tractor is equipped with. Two speeds are employed the most often for tractor PTO shafts. the 540 PTO shaft as well as the PTO shaft that runs at 1000 rpm.

What are the components of the PTO Tractor Shaft Drive Shaft?
1. The tractor yoke PTO assembly begins with this kind of yoke. It is attached to the tractor and is used to connect to the power train. There are two primary kinds of tractor yokes. One type includes a spring lock which utilizes a spring-loaded neck to join and unhook the yoke. The second is a quick-to disconnect, which connects using a pushpin.
The tractor yoke could be identified as a six-spline, 20-spline or 21-spline to indicate the way it connects to the connector to the tractor. It is identified by counting the notches in the collar of the yoke.
2. Kit for Bearing and Cross- This u-joint is used to connect the yokes within the PTO assembly. Its cross-bearing kit could contain a snap ring within the bushing internally or externally. This means that it is located in the ear that connect the yoke.
3. Shaft Yoke - A cross and bearing kit joins the tractor yoke and the shaft of driveline.
4. Shaft - The shaft is the rod made of steel that is located at the heart of the driveline that provides its length as well as connecting the yoke to the attachments.
5. Tube-The shaft goes through this cylinder of steel, adding an extra layer of protection to the driveline
6. Tube Yoke- Connected to the tube's tip it connects the driveline and the device by using a cross that is connected to a bearing kit.
7. Implement YokeThe Implement Yoke links the driveline and the device or machine which is operated by the tractor.
8. Guard- A tough plastic covering is positioned around the driveline to protect it from the driveline from being damaged during operation.

What is the best way to tell whether an PTO Shaft is North American or Metric?
The easiest way to determine whether the PTO belongs to North American or metric is to identify its design of the tubingand shafting. A PTO is considered to be domestic in the event that the tubing or shafting is rectangular, square or hex-shaped. It can also be splined. It is metric when the tubing/shafting is an oblong, lemon or star-shaped. There are two types of metrics drivelines that are Germany-style (Walterscheid label) as well as Italian-style (Bondioli and Pavesi). The German-style tubing comes with star and lemon profiles and the Italian features a bell-shaped style.

How do you measure the PTO Shaft?
Make two measurements from the U-joint on the tractor, or the driving end of the PTO Shaft:

Find the bearing Cap diameterMost U-joints are uniform in diameters for caps. Cap diameters may differ between Constant Velocity drives. To improve your practice and increase accuracy, you should measure all caps.
The cross-kit width is measured and length from cap to cap:You will also need to measure the U-joint length from the cap's edge towards the cap's end. cap. To ensure the most accurate measurement and increase the likelihood of locating the correct PTO shaft, you must remove the cross-kits from the yokes prior taking measurements.
Remember that certain series may not be uniform in their width. The cross kit should be measured in on both sides is your most effective practice to guarantee accuracy.

PTO Shaft Parts
#35N / 2200 Series PTO Drive Shaft Parts

Number Cup
Diameter Length
(B) Snap
Ring Series Type
2-2275 1.250 3.219 outside 35N / 2200
2-2276 1.250 3.219 outside 35N / 2200 Zerk in cap
200-3500 1.250 3.219 outside 35N / 2200
200-3501 1.250 3.219 Inside 35N / 2200
#35N/ 2200 Square or Rectangular parts
Bar Yoke # Solid Shaft OD Spec Square Sleeve Tube Yoke
Shield Shield Bearing Length Shield Bearing ID
902-2548 921-1200 48 2.050
69-2248 56-2200 60 2.050
#35N/ 2200 Splined Parts
Bar Yoke # Solid Shaft OD Spec Square Sleeve Tube Yoke
301-3500 404-2120 1.375-20 Spline 502-3500 701-3500
302-3500 404-2720 1.6875-20 Spline 505-3500 704-3500
Shield Shield Bearing Length Shield Bearing ID
902-2548 921-1200 48 2.050
69-2248 56-2200 60 2.050
#35N 2200 Series Quick Connect Yokes
Part Number Diameter No of Splines C-E Length QD Type
101-3521 1.375 21 5.125 collar
22-2312 1.375 6 4.750 pin
101-3506 1.375 6 5.125 collar
101-3520 1.750 20 6.125 collar
35N Hex 2200 Series QDs
102-3518 1.125 4.750 pin
# 35N/ 2200 series clamps
35/2200 Splined Clamp Yokes
Part Number Diameter No of Splines Notes
35351-1011 1.25 15 Splined
807-3521 1.375 21 Splined
807-3506 1.375 6 Splined
22-1140 1.375 6 Splined
22-1105 1.375 21 Splined
35191-2256 1.53 23 Splined
807-3520 1.750 20 Splined
807-3527 1.750 27 Splined
35N / 2200 Round Clamp Yokes
Part Number Diameter Keyway Notes
35011-2029 1.375 .375 OBSOLETE
35351-1010 1.375 .375 interfering
211U9 1.50 .375 interfering
35191-1788 1.50 .375 round
35N/ 2200 Hex Clamp Yokes
Part Number Diameter c-e Length Notes
35351-1001 1.125 3.00 clamp
#35N / 2200 Series Straight Bores
35N/2200 Series Round Bores

Part Number Bore Key (c-e) Length
800-3516 1.00 .250 4.250
Y324 1.25 3.5
806-3520 1.250 .250 / .312 4.250
806-3522 1.375 .312 / .375 4.250
800-3523 1.4375 .375 4.250
800-3524 1.500 .375 4.250
800-3526 1.625 .375 4.250
800-3528 1.750 .375 4.250
35N/ 2200 Series Splined Bores

Part Number Diameter Splines (S) Length
Y311 1.375 6 3.00
801-3506 1.375 6 4.250
801-3521 1.375 21 4.250
Y322 1.375 21 3.375
35331-1443 1.375 6 5.25
Y345 1.5 17 2.4375
35011-1153 1.5 23 4.250
35N/2200 Series Hex Bores

Part Number Diameter c-e Length Clamp Type
35011-2193 1.125 There is no
#35N 2200 Series Yokes
35N 2200 Series H Yokes
Part Number Length
14061-1588 1.875
35N 2200 Series Flange Yokes
35N / 2200 Series Shear Bolt Yokes
Tractor PTO Shaft Types
There are on the market a variety of PTO shafts. This means that you could be confused when trying to find the correct PTO shaft. It is recommended to purchase the right PTO for the equipment you are using. Therefore, it is important to understand the characteristics and tricks to zero on the correct PTO shaft.

1) Transmission PTO Shaft
The first version that comes from a PTO shaft is called the shaft for transmissions. PTO shaft. It is connected directly to the transmission of your vehicle. This kind of transmission comes with the major drawback: it stops moving when the tractor begins to move. Additionally, it ceases to function after the tractor has gone off the gear. This is one of the drawbacks in particular when you're cutting lawns.

2.) 2-stage Clutch (Live)
This live PTO shaft operates using the two-stage clutch. It is possible to control this PTO shaft simply by pressing it half way. It is possible to press the clutch completely to detach the transmission. The advantage of this type PTO shaft PTO shaft is it can reduce the speed of your tractor, while the PTO shaft continues to function.

3) Independent PTO Shaft
Its Independent PTO shaft is a an additional improvement to the PTO with two stages. It is possible to activate the PTO shaft even though you've put the tractor down or isn't moving. This means that it's working independently of the clutch of the transmission. It is possible to engage the PTO shaft by using the lever or a button that controls it. PTO shaft.

The advantage of having an independently operated PTO shaft is the fact that it comes with an automatic clutch. The clutch operates separately and is not connected to the tractor's motor. The distinct PTO shaft is also equipped with two types, hydraulic and mechanical.

How to remove the Pto Shaft from the Tractor?
Tractors equipped with Power Take-Off (PTO) drive shafts that draw all PTO shaft-driven implements. The PTO shaft is the one that provides the device with mechanical operational power. When the tool's PTO shaft is connected to its PTO driveshaft on the tractor the shaft rotates at a rate of 1, 000 per minute. The male driveshaft of the tractor is splines and connect to the female driveshaft that is on the implement. A button or locking pin connects the two. You must take off the PTO shaft to disconnect the tractor from the.

Place the transmission gear of your vehicle in the parking area. Apply the parking brake, then switch off the ignition. Make sure the engine isn't running prior to getting out of the car by observing and listening to the check the pressure of your oil.

The back of the tractor between the rear wheels. Check where the PTO shaft connects to machine's spindle for PTO. You'll find a safety shield that covers this region.

Go under the safety shroud and rub around the coupling between the implement shaft and the tractor using your fingers. Find the pin or the button that holds the shaft from being locked in the tractor. Press this button or pin it using your thumb. The shaft will be wiggled up and down, and back and forward until your PTO shaft disconnects to the tractor's PTO spindle.

Unhook the safety chains that hold the shrouds of this shaft. Attach it to the tractor. It is now time to remove the PTO shaft can now be taken off.

Remove PTO Shaft
There are instances where the above-mentioned steps are not enough to eliminate from the PTO Shaft out of the tractor. In this case you can try one of the following techniques and techniques to disconnect PTO shaft from tractor: PTO shaft to the tractor

Utilizing the Hammer
In the event that your PTO shaft appears to be in a tense relationship with the tractor, make the issue go away and use the hammer to release from the PTO shaft and remove it from your tractor. It is possible to hit the PTO shaft using an hammer, but be sure to place a wooden block beneath to the PTO shaft. There is no need to hit PTO shafts PTO shafts with that much force. Sometimes, all you need to do is to give it a gentle push to loosen it up.

If the Hammering does not work it is possible to apply an additional amount of force to the hammer to out of the PTO shaft that is stuck. However, when you apply more force, you must take extra care to prevent damaging the parts in the shaft which includes its bearings as well as other components. You don't want to have an unsound PTO shaft.

By lubricating the Connection
If the reason for the blockage on PTO shaft PTO shaft was corrosion then you could use the lube technique. If you let the PTO shafts are left outside, waiting for the next phase of usage and they begin to corrode, they'll eventually. The first signs of rust is likely to occur in particular if PTO shafts have been exposed to water, and you don't wash the PTO shafts in grease for long periods of period of time.

To fix the issue of the issue of a PTO shaft that is stuck to the tractor because of corrosion, you must make sure that you lubricate the shaft using enough oil for lubrication. So you can allow it to ease off of its engagement. The lube will sit there for a time. After that, try disengaging the PTO shaft once more. If it isn't moving you can pour more oil over it. Then, allow it to sit for a few minutes before trying to get off of the tractor.

If it isn't disengaged the coupler, you can push it back with the sledgehammer. If it's still stuck you can warm the outer edge of the coupler. Then make sure to tap on the PTO coupling to loosen it. The combination of heat and light taps will soften the impervious PTO shaft.

It is also possible to make use of WD40 to soak up the hard to reach parts. It also assists in making the shaft more flexible. Penetrating oil might take some time to manifest its effects on the PTO shaft that is rusting. PTO shaft. It is therefore beneficial to apply it again and over.

Utilize the Pry Bar to disengage the PTO Shaft
Another method to disconnect one way to disconnect the PTO shaft with the tractor would be taking apart this PTO shaft. First, you need to eliminate the pits so that you can create elbow room. After that, you must remove your PTO shield. It's not difficult to perform, so you can handle this issue if you're adept at working with tools.

After that, you can buy yourself the pry bar. You can begin prying while moving. It is important to remember that you must remove any stubborn locking mechanism. These locking mechanisms could be balls or pins. It is likely that you will succeed in removing those locking mechanisms.

However, if the shaft won't change, you have to sacrifice the coupler. However, you should only do this as the last option. If you're not successful using all of these strategies then you should consider the right grinder to break all of the pieces. Of course, you have be careful and in a longitudinal manner. Be careful not to damage the gears of the tractor's PTO because it's more costly replacing that the coupler.

PTO Shaft Removal Additional Tips:
In addition to being aware of the previously mentioned methods to detach the obstinate PTO shafts would also be helpful if you are aware of these additional suggestions:

The techniques mentioned above to disengage the PTO shaft only work effectively when the PTO shaft is not damaged or cracked. You should only use extreme measures when the splines are worn-out or bent.
It is essential to shut off the engine before you attempt to take your PTO shaft. This is an important warning, as in the event that you fail to do this you could have to witness a catastrophic accident that could prove deadly or even harmful to others or you.
It is possible to make your own permeating oil if you do not want to rely on WD40. You can make a mix that contains diesel as well as ATF in a 50:50 ratio.
Do not force or wrestle to remove the shaft using chain to secure the PTO coupler. Then, drive forward on the tractor to detach from the PTO coupler. This technique could result in injuries. In addition, you could be left with an injured PTO shaft or tractor.
Be sure to follow the safety guidelines and wear the appropriate safety equipment when you are engaged in the mentioned methods to disengage your PTO shaft.
Avoid disconnecting your PTO shaft on a moving tractor as it can cause severe injuries or even death.
PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearbox
A PTO shaft used in the agricultural gearbox can be a crucial component of an agricultural machine or tractor. Equipment for agriculture, such as tractors combiners, and harvesters utilize PTO shafts. PTO shaft. They are exposed to high stress and loads and it is crucial to determine why they have failed in the first place. The constant compression of shafts can cause damage to connecting shafts and may even damage the tractor or the equipment. The PTO shaft used in agriculture gearboxes is protected with a safety guard at both ends. It can be used to f and on tractors and implements. A PTO shaft is able to be welded to the drive side using the universal joint, and the rear shaft is connected direct onto the tractor.

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expand PTO Shaft Replacement of Weasler 35 Series PTO Shaft Replacing for Weasler 35 Series The 35 Series Yoke & Tube Assembly is an extremely durable PTO shaft yoke built to last. This PTO Yoke has an 1-2/9 inch. square bore that makes it easy to connect. 1,000,000,000 $99.00

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