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PTO Shaft to New Holland BigBaler Square Balers 335 360

New Holland Bigbaler models for Square Balers 335, 340

Our research has shown that the majority of tractor designs employ 1.375-21 Splines. The input shaft has 1.750-6 Splines. Other combinations are also available.

PTO Shaft Assembly
PTO Catagory / Tractor Part Number
CAT5/540 1.375-6 CS8R121U2WR7000
CAT5/1000 1.375-21 CS8R121U2WR8000
CAT5/1000 1.375-20 CH8R121U2WR0000
PTO Shaft Yokes
Part Number Diameter No of Splines Bore c-e Length Notes
5090L0360 1.375 6 68 133 Splined
5090L3760 1.375 21 68 133 Splined
5090L0460 1.750 6 68 133 Splined
5090L3860 1.750 20 68 133 Splined
The PTO Shaft is what it's called.
A PTO shaft transmits power of an engine to an PTO shaft driven attachment. This allows the tractor to run a range of tractor equipments, such as flail mowers, wooden chippers excavators, rotary tillers and many more.

PTO shaft connections on tractor aren't standard, and can lead to issues with joining with the PTO shaft. For instance, some older models have the connection flange located closer to the tractor making it difficult to connect, creating a danger to safety.

PTO Shaft Adapters
To prevent issues with connectivity, you may think about PTO shaft adapters to your tractor. They PTO shaft adapter expands the connection to the implement, allowing more space to allow to allow the PTO shaft to rotate without touching any other part of your tractor or implement. As a safety measure it's a good option to purchase PTO shaft adapters in order to guarantee that they are compatible with the model of your tractor you are using.

PTO Shaft Parts
It is essential to know the dimensions, measurement horsepower, as well as agriculture PTO shaft components to select the right PTO shaft to fit your farming equipment. Although the U-joints and yokes are essential for their operation but the safety chains and shield are crucial components in the PTO shaft that will ensure safety while using the machine.

(1) PTO shaft Internal Yoke: There are two located on both sides of PTO shaft, namely the implement and the tractor. The welded end is attached onto the drive side.
(2) PTO shaft Universal Joint(2) Universal Joint PTO shaft - There are two that are located on both ends on the PTO shaft.
(3) PTO shaft External Yoke: There are two that are located at both ends on the PTO shaft. It's an "Y" design to connect to the U-joint, and an opening for females.
(4) PTO shaft Safety Chains are used to anchor the PTO shaft onto the machine and on the tractor.
(5) PTO shaft Safety Shield- These cones can be found at both the ends.

Three Main PTO Shaft Types
Based on the task you're required to complete depending on the task you have to finish, you can choose various PTO models. Therefore, you will find different shafts that are suitable for plowing, mowing or shredding. Moreover, the equipment and parts will withstand any pressure, impact, force in tension, hits, or pressure. Therefore, you will discover the following:

1. The shaft of the slip clutch designed to shield your equipment and machinery from obstacles commonly found in objects are hit.

For instance, if you come across stones and rocks that are in the vicinity, you must protect your gearbox, therefore you require a shock-absorbing device to safeguard your equipment.

2. PTO shaft for Shear Pin It can be used using an instrument like chipper.

The end yoke is made up of two parts, with a shear pin to hold them in place while working. The pin is designed to absorb shock, prevent the abrupt stop, and keep from harming it to the PTO driveline.

3. Non-shear PTO shaft is ideal for machines that are not suited to abrupt halts.

It features a yoke to yoke configuration. This system is suitable for huge mowers as the mower's movements are smooth and there's no difficulty with stopping or resisting.

Slip Clutch PTO Shaft Shear Pin PTO Shaft Non-shear PTO Shaft
Agricultural Equipment Used PTO Shaft
In the event that the device doesn't have its own engine, you'll observe it being employed. For instance, you'll often find power takeoffs in agricultural and commercial equipment. PTO shaft innovations originate from the experience of farmers. The tractor engine can be used as the PTO shaft to drive an jackhammer, or other machinery. Other uses for PTO shafts are:
(1) (1) Woodchipper
(2) Baler for Hay
(3) Harvester
(4) Forest machinery
(5) The Rotary Tillers

How do I Find the the PTO's Shaft Size?
If you have farm implements in conjunction with your tractor, it is likely that you depend on the PTO shaft to transmit the power of your tractor to the equipment. To accomplish this transfer, you must connect the driveshaft that is attached to your implement and the stub shaft on the PTO tractor. Depending on the machine the shafts that are attached are able to be rotated at 540 or 1, 000 rpm in the course of the operation.

It's crucial to ensure that you to ensure that your PTO shaft be of the proper dimension. The first thing to consider is that there should at a minimum of a one-third gap of the tube and the shaft. In the case of a slip-sleeve the distance should be about 3 inches. When the shaft's length is excessive it will eventually bottom out, creating conflicts in between the tractor as well as the shaft. In the majority of cases this can cause damage to one , the other or both.

How do I Cut a PTO Shaft into the right Size?
You can cut off your PTO shaft to stop it from falling to the bottom in order that the gearbox and tractor are not at war. Follow these steps to complete the procedure.

1. Look up Your Parts Number
The first step to cutting the length of your PTO shaft to alter the size is to know the part number in the specifications. Take a look at the marking at the bottom of your shaft, and determine the part number for yours. One example of a component number is 14006127.

In this instance 1, 400 is the number of a full shaft. Sixth means it's an Bondy LD shaft. The sixth is the series number and 27 refers to an inch measurement from one end of the shaft and the opposite.

2. Attach the Parts of Your Shaft to your Tractor and Gearbox
To gauge the shaft you are cutting, tear it down by securing one tube and shield to the tractor, and connect the other one onto the gearbox. Be sure both components are straight to make the most precise measurements.

3. Determine distance between parts
Then, take a measurement of the distance that is the most direct between the gearbox and the tractor. Be sure to take measurements using a straight line to ensure an accurate measurement. This measurement is the highest length that can be compressed by an operating PTO shaft that is suitable for your tractor.

4. Decide How Much to cut
Utilize the length that is optimal for the PTO shaft that you measured in step three to determine the length you must remove your shaft to ensure it will function properly. Use the measurement provided in the final digits of your part number, and subtract it from the length that is allowed. This will tell you the amount you'll have to cut in order to bring the shaft functional fit for your tractor.

For instance, if the maximum length that can be compressed of the shaft of the tractor you are using is 23 inches, and you have a 27-inch shaft you'll have to cut off 4 inches in order for it to function correctly.

5. Reduce Shafts as well as Shields to the correct length
The last step is to cut the shaft to the correct length. The shaft should be separated so that you can access the shields on the outside and inside tubes. You can make use of an ax or a circular saw for cutting through the material.

When you're dealing with two identical-length tubes within your shaft, you'll have split both the tubes as well as both shields to the proper length. If you have two tubes of different lengths you are able to reduce only the longer portion as well as the shields. When you put the unit back together again, it will be the right, shorter length around.

How do you remove the Pto Shaft from the Tractor?
Tractors equipped with PTO (PTO) drive shafts that can be used to all kinds of PTO-driven tools. When the shaft for the implement's PTO engages the drive shaft for the tractor's PTO the shaft turns 1, 000 minutes per hour. The PTO shaft supplies mechanical energy to the machine. Male drive shaft of the tractor is equipped with spikes that join with that female drive shaft that is on the implement. The locking pin, or button locks them together.

The PTO shaft has to be removed in order to disconnect the tool from the tractor.
The vehicle's transmission is in park. Apply the parking brake, then turn off the ignition key. Before getting out of your vehicle, be sure the motor isn't operating by listening and taking a look at your oil pressure gauge.
The back of the tractor, in between two rear wheels. Examine the connection location of the PTO shaft with the PTO spindle of the tractor. You will notice a security cover over the entire area.
Go under the safety shield and then touch the coupling for the implement by using your fingers. Find the pin or button that secures an axle onto the tractor. Press the pin or button using your thumb.
Shake the shaft upwards and down, then back and back and forth till that the PTO shaft is separate by the tractor's PTO spindle.
Remove the safety chains that connect the shield of the axle and the tractor. The PTO shaft has been removed.
Use PTO Shaft Safety Tips
Before you turn on your power source make certain that you ensure that the PTO shaft is unengaged. In the event that PTO shaft has already been engaged before you turn on your power source then the equipment that is powered via that PTO shaft will start to work.

Take extreme care when operating equipment that has PTO shafts that are separable. Do not connect the 540-rpm (revolutions per minute) equipment to 1, 000-rpm PTO shaft, or the reverse.

If the shaft is able to separate it is best to disengage it from the PTO shaft immediately, and then stop the unit's power source.

Make sure safety shields are securely fixed to the equipment. Regular checks and cleaning of guards and shields could be required. The safe operating on the PTO shaft isn't feasible without the shields. A sudden fall or slip can throw a worker right onto the unprotected shaft. Additionally, those not familiar with the equipment might not be aware of the dangers associated with rotating shafts that are powered.

Wear tight-fitting clothing when working with power shafts. Untidy clothing could catch on or get wrapped around the shaft. Avoid stepping over the working PTO shaft. An abrupt slip or loose shoestring can cause the worker to get trapped within the PTO shaft. Hair with long lengths can also become caught in the PTO shaft. Hair must be pulled away from the shaft and secured. Also, stay clear of jewelry that can get caught, causing injuries or dismemberment.

Agricultural gearboxes to PTO Shafts are now available
Equipment used in agriculture is susceptible to damage because of continual stress and loads. It is essential to determine what's causing the problem in order to find a solution. Continuous compression of the PTO shaft may cause damage to the shafts that connect it and cause damage to connections. The result is an unsound tractor or implement could result. Luckily, the average torque of an input shaft is increased with ground speed. Utilizing the PTO shaft with the agricultural tractor can be among the best methods to transfer energy from an engine into the machinery. The PTO shaft is vital for a weed eater the tiller, or bush hog. The proper size of the PTO is crucial to safeguard both the tractor as well as the equipment.

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PTO Shaft for Square Balers

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